Portrait of Scott My abstract landscape paintings are oil on paper. By combining the space aesthetic of Eastern landscape paintings with Western color and industrialism, I explore interfaces between landscapes and states of consciousness. These paintings are contained within mechanical lines, but the nap, color and flow of oil on paper evoke a spectrum of horizons and viscera. My goal is to engage the apparent conflict between organic and industrial aspects of contemporary life in order to generate a vision of wholeness.

Artist Bio

Scott Ezell is an artist, poet, and musician living in Seattle. In 1991, after studying literature at the University of California, he began a masters degree in comparative literature at the University of Washington, with a focus on Chinese and American poetry. In 1992 he traveled to Asia to study Chinese language and culture, including landscape painting and calligraphy. He lived and traveled for a dozen years in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and other countries. In Asia he worked as a musician, writer, editor, and record producer, published poems and essays in international journals, and released albums of original music.

Motorcycle in China

In 2004 in Beijing Scott Ezell conceived and collaborated with local artists in “Urban Hieroglyphics”, a performance art piece combining improvised painting, music and dance. He returned to the West coast of America in 2005, but lived most of 2006 in Barcelona. In the Fall of 2006 he re-settled in Seattle, and in December exhibited paintings at Hengst Studio. In September 2007 his paintings were included in the group exhibit “Inquiry as Collection”, at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle. In Autumn 2007 he was invited to take part in an artist residency in New Caledonia along with two aboriginal sculptors from Taiwan, which stimulated a series of paintings called “Migration”. Scott Ezell works full-time as an artist and writer.